A Pep Talk to Myself (& anyone else that might need some life reassurance)

This blog post is meant to be encouraging. It’s deep, it’s personal, it’s mine. Sometimes we hit a point in life where it feels like the walls are caving in around us and we need to be reminded that it happens to us all. It will get better. Sometimes we forget all that with things like Facebook and Instagram only showing us the highlight reels of our lives and never seem to bring light to the dark side. If I can help one person in addition to myself, I have succeeded.

Dear Kira,

You are not broken. You never have been, you never will be. Your strength and your faith won’t ever let you falter to weakness. This past year was a hard year. Your life was brought to a hault due to medical issues, but you handled them and came out on top. You went through a huge transition career-wise, & you are still adjusting, but you’re doing it. You had two guys who tested the waters & broke down walls that hadn’t been broken down in years. We won’t discuss what kind of guys they were, but they were necessary to open the doors to the other things that happened this year. Yes, there have been an abundance of engagements in your Facebook feed recently, but does that mean that life is over for you or that your future is not out there somewhere?! No, not at all. The holidays tend to attract more of those & that is okay. You don’t even want to be married right now. And that biological clock that you’ve been hearing faintly in the distance, I can guarantee that its only present because babies are cute & you love them. But let’s think of the reason you don’t even want a puppy right now…they will tie you down. & babies live way longer than dogs (please don’t take offense to that statement, I love that I have babies in my life that are not my own). As for love, you have it. The love you give is far more rewarding than any that you could possibly receive, so keep on giving it the way you do. You haven’t gone through all the things you have to stop now. You are a humanitarian. It is only natural for you to give your love selflessly. That person that you’re giving it to right now, may not be your forever (he certainly could be in time), but if he’s what you want right now, then go for it & show him what it means to be loved the way only you can. You haven’t regretted anyone you have ever given your love to, even in the worst of situations, so don’t let it stop you. Even if it doesn’t work out, you can walk away knowing you gave your all and he will learn what he could’ve had when he has something more to compare your love to. You’ve got a ton of goals for this year & you are making them happen. You’re taking advantage of that employee discount and making sure you’re traveling this year. Hell, you are traveling outside of the country this year for the very first time! And then next year, you’re aspiring to LIVE outside of the country. This is HUGE. You’re not in a point where you are doing nothing with your life. You are LIVING it. You are creating your happiness, solidifying friendships, & working hard to make your mark in this world. You are doing it all. With that, you know there will be people who will try to tear you down, but don’t let them get to you. They don’t have the ability to even come close to doing so. Keep opening the doors of opportunity and when one is ready to close, CLOSE it. When there’s a fork in the road, take the road less traveled, give in to the fear. Any struggle will only make you stronger. Keep taking chances. Give into life’s temptations, but don’t stray from your goals. You’ve got this. & maybe, just maybe, you are meant to “Eat, Pray, Love” this life and you will do just that. Be exactly who you are and don’t let anyone make you hold that in. This is your life, take the reigns, & don’t let go!




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