Review: TORUK – The First Flight

This is going to be a really interesting post as this show left me with a lot of mixed feelings. I am not an Avatar lover by any means, however, I like to consider myself a Cirque du Soleil connoisseur.
I love the art that goes into every production & the incredible ability they have to capture your attention for the show’s duration.

I DO recommend this show, don’t get me wrong. I have only ever seen Avatar once. I know the story. The visions are aesthetically captivating. This show made me want to be more involved with the world of Pandora. As great as it was, it lost the essence of Cirque du Soleil for me. There was a lot of visual stimulation involved in the set & while it was beautiful, it lacked the usual Cirque qualities that I love. One of my biggest complaints was the absence of the clowns or cons of the show. No matter what show I have seen in the past, music-based or original, there are always clowns or cons. They help transition scenes and provide comic relief throughout the show. Another missing piece was the lack of the typical Cirque performing arts. No swings, not much tumbling, shortage of acrobatics.  
While it certainly contained the influence of James Cameron and Jon Landau, it missed the Cirque WOW factor for me. If it comes to your city, I do recommend seeing it for the unique show it was. 


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