Barre-ing It All!

Ever want to be a ballerina as a little girl, dreaming of dancing around on your tiptoes & twirling around in circles? Nope, me neither! I loved to dance to the beat of my own drum (sometimes that included flailing arms and other silly tactics), but it wasn’t until a few years into my adult life that I actually started to love choreographed dancing. I’ve mostly danced for fun or fitness purposes. Things like Zumba & a few hip-hop classes have been my thing in the past and then of course, line dancing for fun nights out. However, never in a million years did I think I would actually give barre workouts a shot. Its been on the scene for a few years now, there’s a few different methods out there (I have only taken one, but I am sure they are all pretty similar). I came across a deal a month ago & decided to give it a shot. It had me hooked from day one. I had been spinning & lifting for a few months beforehand, maxing out weights, but of course, not wanting to be too “jacked” up. I need something that switches up often to keep me interested & with this, its always changing. So what all does it entail? I can’t give too much away, but tiny little movements that make your muscles shake like crazy is a pretty decent summation. The studio that I go to is a Pure Barre studio and the ladies that teach the classes are fantastic. They will come around the room and make adjustments to your body and help you as much as you need. They are always around before and after classes for any questions comments or concerns. Honestly, I have taken the class without a “workout buddy” & have never actually felt uncomfortable. As for results, I have noticed a lot of changes overall including better posture. My biggest improvement after a month is that I can actually get myself into a split stretch and my goal is to touch the floor one of these days. Tight hips are always a problem for me as a runner. So I just signed up for my second month and plan on continuing to tuck, tighten, and tone with this amazing workout. I hope that you find a little motivation in this to try something new for yourself!

Never be afraid to dance (or run) in the rain…

You get zero percent of the chances you don’t take.  Who said that?!  I don’t know, but it sounds pretty good.

These months leading up to August are pretty big for me in the sense that the last time I sat down and created my “5 year plan” (or rough sketch, if you will) was almost 5 years ago.  Moving away from home, graduating from college, finding myself…all part of the “plan”.  The past 5 years have certainly had their share of ups and downs, but regardless, I wouldn’t trade them for anything.  I have experienced love like I had never seen before, not only in romantic relationships, but also in family, friendships, and of course, myself.  I experienced true heartbreak for the first time and overcame severe depression (that I kept extremely secret, until now).  I have learned to live life for me and no one else.  With that mentality, some people have walked away,  but the ones that matter have stuck it out and accepted that.  I have also experienced things that I never thought I would and am extremely grateful for.


Today, I had a little “coming-to-Jesus” with myself during a run (and by little, I mean the skies opened, baby angels sang, & Jesus was right there in his tuxedo t-shirt).

Side note: if you’ve never run through a FL hurricane season afternoon shower, let me give you a little description.  Imagine running on a treadmill, not going anywhere, while an industrial fan blows tiny shards of glass at your body.  That’s what its like, not even kidding.

I made some big decisions and thought about my next 5 years.  Anyone who knows me, knows that I give 100% to everything I do.  Half-assed is never a way to describe my work.  I have a lot of wants and goals to achieve.  So, to the next 5 years, we’ll be together for some time, so get ready for me to make you my bitch.


It starts…

So, let me set the scene for you…

It is a beautiful, breezy, 90 degree afternoon here at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge.  I am sitting here, Macbook on the table, a Lauryn Hill Pandora station as my music of choice.  Walt Disney World vacationers are everywhere as it is Spring Break for many, but this here, is my everyday life.

Why am I starting a blog?

That’s a great question and I don’t know if I necessarily have one specific answer for it.  I’d love to say it was for the purpose of world domination or something just as exciting, but that would be far too much work and responsibility.  I enjoy writing.  Sometimes my thoughts and ideas take over and I feel the need to shout them from the rooftops, so I guess the keys can work just as well.  The thought of being an inspiration to someone, a bright ray of sunshine in a cloudy day, or even just a little giggle inducer…I’m pretty sure those are some great reasons.

What content will I include?

There will be Disney!  BUT there may also be motivation, inspiration, recipes, tips, music, comedy, movies, events, or just about anything else possible.  The possibilities are endless…literally.  Not to mention, I tend to be the queen of random from time to time, so don’t be surprised by my crazy antics when they occur.

Who am I (in a nutshell)?

For those of you who don’t know me personally, my name is Kira.  I live in Central Florida.  I was born and raised in Western Massachusetts (& no, you’re right, I do not have a Boston accent).  I work in the healthcare industry, but still have no idea what I really want to do in life.  Well, hold on, let me rephrase that.  I know what I want to do, but for some reason, continued learning of new material for the rest of my life is not necessarily a wise career choice.  With that, I am exploring different avenues all the time and perhaps this blog could somehow assist me in that journey.  I love everyone with my whole heart and I hope that if you were to meet my friends, they would tell you the same.

Well that’s where I will end for today. I hope that with my little introduction, you will feel intrigued to come back and check out future content. Have a magical day!

Never stop dreaming.

“Second star to the right and straight on ‘til morning!” ~ Peter Pan