10 Men I am Dangerously Obsessed With

H.L. Miller is probably my favorite blogger out there due to the fact that her thoughts & my thoughts are exactly the same. For a good laugh, check this post out.

Restless Nights in One-night Cheap Hotels

Someone contact the mental hospital ASAP if I run into any of these men during my lifetime.

I am going to need to be sedated.

I’m not joking.

10. Matthew McConaughey.


I was never a huge McConaughey fan until Dallas Buyers Club and True Detective. Matt never really amused me in any of his romantic comedies and I thought his acting was horrible. His physical perfection caught my attention during Magic Mike, can’t lie. His tan, greased up body was a turn on, but what was an bigger turn on was his decision to stop acting in shitty movies. I literally became obsessed with him after True Detective. The strangest thing that attracted me to Matthew McConaughey was his hair. His hair was styled so perfectly in True Detective, the camera focusing in on a strand of his luscious curls wandering aimlessly across his gorgeous face…

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